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The New Covenant

God wants a relationship with us, His children. Throughout the Bible, He has had several covenants with men like Adam, Noah, Moses and David. Now, we live under the New Covenant with Jesus as our perfect head. We will teach about the Old Testament covenants that God made, and the New Covenant through Jesus.

The New Covenant
Essentials Week 6The New Covenant
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A covenant is a relationship with God on his terms.

His covenant shows that:
#1 God is gracious
#2 God is sovereign
#3 He IS God
#4 God is holy
#5 God is loving

Hesed = incorporates love and grace and mercy and patience and kindness and affection and loyalty and devotion, dependability, intimacy, concern, compassion, understanding, empathy, affection.

Being in community (church) is covenant.

God’s covenant with us is a reflection of his goodness, not our greatness.

The proper response to God’s covenant is repentance of sin and faith in Jesus.

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