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The Kingdom

The Kingdom of God sermon is culmination of the BCD series. You’ll learn that heaven and hell are literal physical places, and you will spend eternity in one of them. The Kingdom of God is an amazing evidence of our perfect, holy, and loving God redeeming his people.


Everyone is a worshiper. We all have people or things that we love, sacrifice for, and are our number one affection. The main question each person should answer is this—Do you worship created things, or the Creator? God deserves to be worshiped. He created everyone and everything. Our place as the creation is to worship our Creator. We will investigate the many idols that we are completely oblivious too, and shows that every problem in life is, at its core, a worship problem.

The Church

The Church is not just a building people visit on Sunday, it’s a group of people that God has brought together to give Him glory and tell the world about how great He is. We will examine how the Church began, Jesus’ relationship to the Church, the Biblical definition of a local church, and a warning of danger to churches everywhere.


Resurrection is the doctrine that after dying on a cross, Jesus physically rose to life, conquering Satan, Sin, and Death. Jesus now sits on His throne as King. In this sermon, we will explore the Biblical and circumstantial evidence of Jesus’ bodily resurrection, then deals frankly with common objections to this doctrine. 

The Cross

At the literal crux of human history, Christ hangs on a tree. Jesus’ death for our sins has become in some cases so commonplace that we miss the brutality of it, and at the same time we forget how it perfectly demonstrates the love of God for us. We will teach about the Cross, including some aspects of what Jesus’ death accomplished.


Jesus Christ came on a rescue mission to save us. He came to live the life that we couldn’t and die the death we should. Because of this wonderful news, Christians get to live lives redeemed by Jesus to reflect His glory to the world. We will teach on the doctrine of Incarnation.

The New Covenant

God wants a relationship with us, His children. Throughout the Bible, He has had several covenants with men like Adam, Noah, Moses and David. Now, we live under the New Covenant with Jesus as our perfect head. We will teach about the Old Testament covenants that God made, and the New Covenant through Jesus.


We are all marred with the stain of sin that originated when Eve took the bite of forbidden fruit. How sin manifests itself in us varies from person to person, but all that we are is sinful. We teach on the doctrine of sin, what it is, what its effects are, and how God deals with sin. 

Imago Dei

God made us in His image and likeness, which is what distinguishes us from the animals that God has given us dominion over. He spoke everything into existence except for us, whom He made with His own hands. We teach on the doctrine of Imago Dei.


“In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth”. That’s the opening line of Genesis. But how old is the earth? Where did everything come from? And are we all just evolved beings from a totally different species? The doctrine of creation is a big topic for debate among Christians and non-Christians alike. 

The Bible

How do we know who God is and what he is like? Some speculate about His nature through religion or philosophy, but Christians don’t have to. We have the Bible, which is God speaking to all of us. How did we get the Bible? How can we trust that it is accurate today to its original writings?

The Trinity

There is one God. He exists in three distinct persons of Father, Son and Spirit. We will explain the doctrine of the Trinity.

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